My steering wheel isn’t straight, Whats wrong?

The image above shows some of the common tire wear issues and causes along with defining the different angles addressed in wheel alignment.

Your car may feel like it drives fine, steers straight & handles OK, all while the vehicle is out of alignment. Most drivers can’t tell when the alignment is slightly off. As a matter of fact, we see drivers that driving cars that can ruin tires in a matter of 5,000 miles. So, good for you, you’re paying attention!

One of the most common indicators of misalignment is a steering wheel that isn’t straight. Another is that the vehicle drifts or “pulls” to one side or the other.

Research shows that with toe alignment just 0.34 degrees (0.17 inches) out of specifications, the average car has dragged its tires sideways for over 68 miles by the end of the year! That’s considering the average car is driven about 12,000 miles per year.

Many manufacturers recommend that you have your vehicle’s tires checked every 10,000 miles or at least once a year. Proper wheel alignment can add thousands of miles to the life of your tires.

Other benefits to proper wheel alignment include:

  • Better gas mileage due to reduced rolling resistance
  • Improved handling as steering improves and vibration eases as your rides become smoother
  • Safer driving, especially when suspension problems are detected and repaired.
  • Less fatigue from the driver fighting (consciously or unconsciously) an ill handling vehicle.

At Cars for Keeps, We offer a simple alignment inspection for less than $25.00 that measures the alignment settings to either confirm that everything is within manufacturers specifications or show issues that need to be addressed.